Welcome! My name is Jonathan Kevin, I currently study Digital Data Strategy at Hyper Island.

I’m your go-to-guy when it comes to data-driven analysis, marketing and strategy. I use the power of data to shape marketing plans and business strategies. On top of that I’ve got the skill set to take your marketing and strategy to the next level through the design and creation of your brand, website and social media.

What I'm good at

HTML, CSS & JS. Creating interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as applying basic SEO to increase traffic to websites.

Digital strategy. Evaluating and reporting on the performance of websites, campaigns or outcomes of tests. Implementing A/B testing to improve websites or services. Identifying relevant KPI's for different businesses.

Data analysis. Handling web analytics tools for optimization and conversion - Google Analytics, HotJar and Google Optimize. Setting up goals and funnels to track user behaviour and setting up analytics dashboards for websites.